What's built into Odoo ERP

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Odoo ERP has your website content management system (CMS) built in. Forget WordPress or other 3rd party website hosting and CMS platforms. There is no need for clumsy connector apps like Zapier or Parsey.


Replace Gmail or Outlook. Your email is also fully integrated into Odoo ERP in the "Discuss" App. Discuss works similarly to Microsoft Teams or #Slack in Salesforce...but adds email integration and yes, it's included.


Yep! Even your phone calls go through Odoo with their VOIP integration allowing you to make and receive PTSN calls inside Odoo and log incoming calls. You can also track missed calls and schedule follow up calls all in one place from inside Odoo.

Workflow Automation

No more Infusionsoft, Agency Revolution, Agency Zoom or other 3rd party email marketing platform. That too, is baked right into Odoo. Our industry best practices lead tracking are included with Odoo AMS.


Replace Quickbooks. Track your Accounts payable, accounts Receivable, Chart of Accounts, Income Statement, Have your complete general ledger, bank downloads, commission reconciliation* all in Odoo right out of the box.

*Commission downloads require IVANS Download integration. Commission percentage splits are built out by Odoo AMS.


Customer Relationship Management and Sales Pipeline workflow automation. Imagine a single sign on for your agents and clients through your branded website as a single place to do work. That is the power of the Odoo ERP and AMS platform.